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UV-C LED Premium Toy Sterilizing Box

Sterilizing ability certified by two authoritative institutions 

*KCL (Korea Conformity Lab) 

*SGS (the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification institue)

*99.99% sterilization in 60 minutes

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Premium Luxury Baby Pacifier Sterilizer

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JJOBI Pure Bottle

JJOBI Pure Bottle is another our innovate product that Self Sterilize and eliminate 99.99% Bacteria grows inside of water. Give clean water to your love one every time, everyday! 

JJOBI USA - For healthy, happy family

We think about your Child. It motivate us to make health protection products like JJOBI Trolls, JJOBI Box, and JJOBI Pure Bottle. We will always care for healthy life of your child

Not Just a "Toy Box"

JJOBI Box is 15"x15"x15" large box that all family can use even after your child is grown. Provides you 50,000 to 60,000 hours of Sterilization time. What would you store in your JJOBI Box?

This product is perfect. I put the pacifier here and is all clean. I will buy one as a gift as well soon.and the charges battery lasts forever


Very cute and does the job!


But cute but looks a little sadder than I thought it would. I use it daily. It’s working well. Takes up minimal space. Overall a win. I like it


Cute and very easy to use.

Sora L.

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